New Found Glory and Trashboat – 20 Years of Pop Punk! – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ – 3/28/17

‘My Friends Over You’ is one of those tracks that can get in your head and just refuses to get out for a minimum of one week. Mix that with other popular songs such as ‘Head On Collission’ and ‘All Downhill from Here’ and you have a night that sticks with you (seriously – how do I get these songs out of my head?)!


Trash Boat came all the way from the UK to make an impression on NJ! Glad they liked us, otherwise having 3 straight days of shows in our state would have been just awful. Two nights at the legendary Stone Pony followed by a final Jersey night at Starland Ballroom couldn’t have been too bad, especially with all being completely sold out! These guys came packed with a ton of energy and that pop punk that everyone loves so much. Definitely catch them on the road when they make their rounds.


Time to come clean about something here. I’ve been listening to music all my life, but I honestly never even went to a live show until around 2006. My first show was Motley Crue with Sum 41 opening (and I was there for Sum 41…) so you can say I started off pretty nicely.

Years later I’ve been in a few bands and been to more shows than I can count. That being said, it took until 2014 and my band getting on Skate and Surf in Asbury Park to actually catch New Found Glory live! Even from the back of the crowd I was able to just feel their presence. People as far back as the next stage were craning their necks and singing along on the top of their lungs to all the big hits…it was incredible.

Fast foward to this past week and I finally got to witness them up close. So many jumps – so much running around on stage – so much singing along…everything I’d expect from a 90s pop punk band. Everyone was in a good mood, the crowd was killer and the band sounded on point. I get the feeling after 3 nights in our state, Jersey is still anxiously awaiting for their next chance to see New Found Glory live. I know I am!



New Found Glory

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