Save Ferris, Backyard Superheroes, Baby Baby – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ – 3/3/17

Straight off the release of their new album (reviewed by us HERE) Save Ferris is back! Playing all the big hits, numerous wardrobe changes and even some commentary between songs made for one hell of a night!

Their tour-mates Baby Baby were a definite breath of fresh air. They started the night off  with some great energy that just continued throughout their entire set. A four piece band including both drummer and percussionist is a rare sight these days (cough P-Funk North cough) but always makes for some interesting sounds. Ending their set literally on each other’s shoulders, we move onto the set act of the night!

Backyard Superheroes were up next (hey that’s us!). On our final show before taking a break, we made sure to bring as much energy as possible! This also happened to be Bruce’s last show playing trumpet for the band, so it was definitely a bittersweet night for us. That being said, we ended the set with the crowd and sound guy asking for one more song, so we had to oblige! The crowd was pumped, the stage was set – it was time for Save Ferris!


Monique sounded (and looked) great, the bassist was batshit insane and the crowd ate them up – overall a great performance. They ended the night on ‘Come On Eileen’ and had a set mixed of plenty of the stuff we listened to growing up in the 90s! It was definitely a fun show to be at and the feeling at the Stone Pony was pure nostalgia.


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