Less Than Jake, Pepper, The Bunny Gang and The Attack – The Fillmore Philadelphia – Philly, PA – 2/19/17

One of these days I am going to go through and give a true count of the number of times I’ve seen Less Than Jake. Hell, I lost count of how many times I’ve seen them in the last 12 months! That being said, hearing them play some old tracks as well as some from their new EP ‘Sound The Alarm’ was definitely a show I refused to miss.

Starting the show was a band I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with back in November for Skanksgiving – The Attack. These guys are the definition of New England Punk, though somehow they come from Florida (go figure)! With an animated frontman and a band to match, they were the perfect start to the night.


The Bunny Gang hit the stage next. These guys were full of energy and were the first band of the night to bring along a horn! This group of guys from Denver did not disappoint – especially the guitarist that lived up to their name, constantly catching him mid-jump during their set! I’ll be keeping a close eye on this group going forward, hopefully bringing them into Jersey sometime soon.


I’ll admit, I went into this show knowing only two songs by Pepper. Their live show has officially made me a fan and I’ve now added their entire discography to my daily driver playlist! These three guys from Hawaii got the crowd moving and seemed to be loving what they do. It’s incredible how much better a band appears when they look like they’re having fun on stage. The lighting was, for lack of a better word, difficult to work with. That being said, it made me get creative and to the audience it looked incredible!

Hoping to see these guys come around again sooner rather than later.


Well, it’s about time for Less Than Jake. At this point, if you don’t know how big of a fan I am, there are 5+ other posts on the site you can probably read from the past year to show you that I’m a bit of a fan. With their new album out, I was excited to hear a few of my favorites, the top being ‘Bomb Drop.’ They definitely did not disappoint and even through in some old songs that I can say I’ve never heard live. Ending the show with a bit of confetti and streamer canons is something I’ve always loved, making it seem like every show’s main event.


If you missed this tour, don’t worry – they come around plenty throughout the year!

Keep your eye out for all the bands on this show – not one is worth missing.

Click the below pic for the full gallery!
Less Than Jake and Pepper


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